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I know I am married to the protector of mankind. I thought my name meant strong & able so maybe you left me off the list!
Chris & Christina are the christ-bearers. Let me see Sarah is the princess...big surprise!

rifka Greathead

I'm going to go with #12????


I'll take a stab at a few. Its a wild guess but I think my name means Tailor. Just a hunch.
I bet Stu is Keeper of the Estate.
The only other one I know for sure is that Jose is Honey-Bee, he was so proud to tell me that when we first met.

Myron Lempe

A very gracious, soft and gentle person!!!!

Stu, Erica & Jack

And away we go...
Jack is definitely #20, God is Gracious.
Stu is the Keeper of the Estate, #21 (and has been teased about it previously as being boring)
Erica is the Honorable Ruler, #15, and is quite happy with her name!
Steve is definitely the Crowned One, #22.
Matt is #6, God's Gift.
Sarah is the Princess, #9, of course.
And, I did not look any of these up on another website...uh, right! :-)


My name means crowned with Laurels...can i go with crowned one?


oh wait think i screwed u up...didnt realize u like picked them for people....whoops!! hahaha

Zach Taylor

I assume "lord remembers" refers to the hebrew prophet Zachariah, which directly translated from the original hebrew text means "god will remember" Of course he will, who could forget me?



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